Club History

The Red Cedar Fly Fishers (RCFF) was founded in 1977 by a small group of mid-Michigan fly fishing enthusiasts. The RCFF is a charter club of the International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFF) national organization, and has a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt status. The members of the RCFF are also members of the IFFF by charter.  The RCFF is dedicated to promoting the goals of the IFFF.
The RCFF played a major role in the development of the IFFF-Great Lakes Council (GLC) starting with hosting the first Great Lakes Sub Conclave in 1979. The sub council’s first president, treasurer, and secretary were all RCFF members.  The sub council became a full council in 1980. In addition, the RCFF has provided an IFFF president, 2 vice presidents, a treasurer, and the legal counsel as well as many national and international directors. Currently, several RCFF members serve on the Great Lakes Council as directors.

From its humble beginnings the club has grown to play a major role in all of the Great Lakes Council conclaves and schools, and has worked with Michigan DNR Fisheries and other organizations to provide input for catch and release, resource management and  licensing legislation. The RCFF has been awarded the prestigious McKenzie Cup, a national award which is presented annually to the club which has made the most outstanding contribution towards promoting the goals and objectives of the IFFF.

The RCFF has offered instruction in all aspects of fly fishing and fly tying to several groups in mid-Michigan.  The goal of the RCFF is to bring together the people in the local area interested in learning or sharing skills related to fly fishing, fly tying, and the promotion of ethical angling and resource preservation practices. The club provides a forum for people who recognize the value of our aquatic resources and are committed to helping preserve the quality of our fisheries for generations to come.


The club meets on the second Tuesday of each month, from September through June.  Previous meetings have included the following educational topics:

Casting Lessons              Fly Tying                    Entomology                             Rod Building
Where to Fish                  DNR Regulations       Fly Line Leader Building         Gear Care

In addition, club members and invited speakers have presented their fishing experiences they had at the following out-of-state destinations:

Alaska          Arkansas          Colorado          Florida          Minnesota          Montana          Pennsylvania
Wyoming     Australia            Belize              Canada        England              Mongolia         New Zealand

The club meeting in May is our annual banquet which is our primary resource for funding.  At this event we will have a special program or invited presenter, auctions and raffles and excellent food and drink at a local, quality facility.  Information and donation information about the banquet is available through our newsletter and web page.  The details are usually available around mid-March.

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