To borrow from the library contact Phil Stevens ((see your copy of the roster for Phil’s contact information) He will bring your loan to the next meeting or arrange for you to pick it up.

If you have fly fishing books, DVD’s etc that you would like to donate to the club library, we  would be more than happy to receive them and can give you a donation letter from the club for tax purposes.

The Curtis Creek Manifesto, Anderson, 1978
Fishing, A Dictionary, Beard and McKie, 1983
Steelhead Savy, Bedford, 1995
A Field Guide to Fly Fishing, Bitton, 2004
World Guide to Fly Fishing, Chapralis, 1987
Steelhead Fly Fishing and Flies, Combs
How to Cast and Fish Naturally, Darrow, 2005
Fly Fishing for Salmon and Steelhead of the Great Lakes, Filkins, 1998
Trout Fishing in New Zeland, Forrester, 1979
CaliforniaSteelhead, Freeman, 1984
Trout Country, Furtman, 1995
A Fly Fishers Reflection, 2002
Trout Streams of Michigan, Vol 1, MUCC, 1978
Trout Streams of Michigan, Vol 2, MUCC, 1982
Michigan’s 50 Best Fishing Lakes, MUCC, 1988
American Waters: Fly Fishing Journeys of a Native Son, Kaminsky, 2005
Longer Fly Casting, Kreh, 1991 (2 copies)
Advanced Fly Fishing Techniques, Kreh, 2002
Fly Fishing for Sharks, Louv, 2000
Fly Fishing, McNally, 1978
Great Lakes Steelhead Guide, Modrznski, 1992
Bass Basics, Pfeiffer, 1997
Beyond Trout, A Fly Fishing Guide, Reynolds-Berryman, 1995
Woman’s Guide to Fly Fishing, Rikimaru, 1999
Tasmanian Angler, Robson-Scholes, 1970
Orvis Fly Fishing Guide, Rosenbauer, 1994
Salt Water Fly Fishing, Sand, 1970
Amazing Lures and Flies, Schneider, 1997
Trout Strategies, Schwiebert, 1983
The Art of Fresh Water Fishing, Sternberg, 1982
Smallmouth Bass, Sternberg, 1986
Seasons of the Trout, Streeks, 1998
Selective Trout, Swisher-Richards, 1971
Fly Fishing for Trout: Beginning and Intermediate, Talleur, 1993
Fly Fishing for Trout, Talleur, 1974
The Beverkill, Van Put, 2002
The Atlantic Salmon, Wulff, 1973

The Flytiers Companion, Dawes, 1989
The Flytiers Manual, Dawes, 1985
Western Trout Fly Tying Manual, Dennis, 1974
Western Fly Tying Manual, Dennis, 1980
FFF Fly Patterns Encyclopedia, 2000
Catch that Fish, Gathercole, 1999
Steelhead Fly Tying Guide, Helvie, 1994
American Nymph Fly Tying Manual, Kaufman, 1981
Fly Tying and Fishing for Bass and Panfish, Keith, 1989
Tying Foam Flies, Morris, 1994
Deceiving Trout, Parsons, 1988
Bug Making, Pfeiffer, 1993
Blue Upright: Flies of a Lifetime, Raymond, 2004
Matching the Hatch, Schwiebert, 1955
Fly Tying, 2nd Ed, Shaw, 1979
Carrie Stevens Trout and Salmon Flies, 2000
Fly Tying Tips, Stewart, 1993
Universal Fly Tying Guide, Stewart, 1979
Tying the Swisher-Richards Flys, Swisher-Richards, 1980
The Umpqua Encyclopedia, 2000
The Att of Fly Tying, Van Vleit, 1994
Creative Flies: Innovative Tying Techniques, Williamson, 2002

The Armchair Angler, Brykczynski, 1986 (2 copies)
In Trout Country, Corodimas, 1971
A Place on the Water, Dennis, 1996
Sex, Death and Fly Fishing, Gierach, 1990
The Snowfly, Heywood, 2000
Never Sniff a Gift Fish, McManus, 1983
Fear of Fly Fishing, Ohman, 1988
Hooked: Cartoon Therapy for the Fishing Affected, Peters, 1993
Sex and Fly Fishers, Russell, 1992
Fly Fishing: Life in Mid-Stream, Tirana, 1996

Where the Trout Are, Borger, both vhs and dvd
The Orvis Fly Fishing School, vhs
Fly Patterns, Phil Grimm, vhs

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